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Horror fans from the Bay Area

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nicolascaesar @ 10:53 am: Watch Horror Films – Keep America Strong

A New Creature Features Documentary

World Premiere Benefit Screening for

The Bob Wilkins Foundation

Thursday, May 15th at 7:00 PM

The Grand Lake Theater
3200 Grand Avenue Oakland, California

Presented by Creatures At Large

Conceived and Produced by Tom Wyrsch, Written and Directed by Michael Monahan

Camera and Sound by Eric Yee, Edited by Anthony Cava and Robert Napton.

Featured interviews: Bob Wilkins, John Stanley, Bob Shaw, Ernie Fossellius,

August Ragone, Sally Wilkins, Erica Stanley, Rob Wilkins, Nancy Wilkins,

Scott Moon, and Tom Wyrsch

Running time: 90 minutes

Watch Horror Films – Keep America Strong, a new feature length documentary celebrating the unique and lasting contributions of hosts Bob Wilkins and John Stanley to Bay Area broadcasting, makes its premiere at Oakland's historic Grand Lake Theater in a benefit screening for the Bob Wilkins Foundation. Special guests at this event will include John Stanley, Sally Wilkins, Bob Shaw, Ernie (Hardware Wars) Fossellius – with others yet to be announced.

KTVU's Creature Features (1971–1984) remains the most-loved, best-remembered local program in Bay Area broadcast history. "Watch Horror Films – Keep America Strong!" was the rallying cry of host Bob Wilkins as he lured unsuspecting audiences into viewing the type of film usually found clinging to the bottom of the cinematic barrel.

After nearly eight years enticing viewers with the irresistible promise of the awful, Bob Wilkins passed the torch to San Francisco Chronicle film critic and author John Stanley, who expanded the creative boundaries of the program, offering a singularly ambitious vision of Creature Features for many years after.

Blending newly filmed interviews with crew, family and fans with rare footage unseen since originally aired, Watch Horror Films – Keep America Strong recalls the strange and wonderful era of local television. The film is an affectionate tribute to a special time and place – and to the special people who entertained and inspired a generation of viewers.

In recent years, Bob Wilkins has struggled with the advanced stages of Alzheimer's Disease. Proceeds from this film will go directly to the Bob Wilkins Foundation to assist in his care.

Tom Wyrsch is the author of The Bob Wilkins Scrapbook and The John Stanley Scrapbook. He is also the Creature Features Archivist.

Michael Monahan is the Associate Producer and Researcher for American Scary (2006) and author of an upcoming book on the national history of the TV horror movie host.

For additional information, please contact:

Tom Wyrsch
(707) 769-1506

Michael Monahan
(510) 843-9457


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